Sonntag, 21. Juni 2009

Aida Saraçini, albanische Newcomerin präsentiert Graduation Kollection 2009

Why do we dream? Do we dream in order to sleep or we sleep in order to dream? Are dreams instructions from the spiritual world or are those just a mix of past, present and future where the brain accumulates while we have a good rest? These are one of millions of questions that every human being has asked themselves at least once in their life.

These were some of the question that Aida Saracini, was trying to answer as well for her end exam project in the fashion department in Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

It all started after she had a dream/nightmare about her uncle whom she didn’t see for more than e year. After she called to ask whether he is ok, she found out that he was in coma (who after she went back to see him in hospital, the next day, he died). This was such an impact on her that she started paying more attention to dreams and trying to figure out how other people experiences them.

The reason why some people are not interested in knowing more about dreams, in her opinion, is that most people are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid of the mysteriousness of the images that appear to us at night. They are afraid of things they cannot understand.

“We all dream every night but the dreams that give us anxiety and tense feeling, are the ones that we remember”- says Aida.

She based her end exam collection on that, Dreams and nightmares, since those are the ones that leave traces in us. They left traces in her. She strongly believes that dreams are so important, that they keep us sane.

“We loose the insanity when we dream”-she explains.
In dreams we always see things that we can recognize but are still somehow different.

Reflecting that in her collection, she chooses generic garments like: trench coat, sweaters, pants, dress and transforms them into garments that we can recognize but that still are quite different. Using her fragile way of dealing with the fabric, her technique becomes quite important into creating a certain atmosphere which in this case is dreamy one.

She is leaving as well most of the outfits looking unfinished since she believes that the dream is never finished but it’s always saved by the bell, phone or one’s partner’s voice.


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